• Nelson in Naples    new

  • Vindication of Nelson and Emma Hamilton in Naples    new

  • The sailor who swallowed knives

  • British officers in the Russian navy by William Tooke, FRS

  • Playing at command: midshipmen and quarterdeck boys in the Royal Navy, 1793-1815 by Samantha A. Cavell

  • Peter Heywood, a biographical sketch by Michael Phillips

  • A great coxcomb, Sir Alexander Ball by Patrick Marioné

  • John Richards Lapenotiere and HM Schooner Pickle by Peter Hore

  • Commander John Spratt, RN and his Homograph by Louis Roeder

  • Rum, Sodomy and the Lash, a Devon Lad's Life in Nelson's Navy by Anthony Blackmore
    • This book is about the life of a young "AB" in the Mediterranean Fleet in that period, and
      mainly about life in a 38 gun frigate rather than a ship-of-the-line.
      It is sold in aid of four charities, The Nelson Society, HMS Trincomalee Trust,
      the author's church and a Bowel Cancer charity.
      This book will certainly appeal to all fans of Lord Nelson and students of naval history.
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