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obit Lieutenant Commander Charles Addis
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Post Posted: Tue Nov 13, 2012 3:25 pm    Post subject: obit Lieutenant Commander Charles Addis Reply with quote

Lieutenant Commander Charles Addis recently died.
Charles Addis served thirty-five years in the Royal Navy before his final appointment in command of Nelson's flagship, HMS Victory, which is still in proper commission.

In retirement he spent some years as editor of The Nelson Dispatch of the Nelson Society and was an acknowledged expert on the Navy at the time of Nelson.

He was the author of The men who fought with Nelson in HMS Victory at Trafalgar.
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Post Posted: Tue Dec 18, 2012 5:48 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

from "the Kedge Anchor":


Born in Hong Kong from a naval background he was later to serve there in command of a patrol craft before becoming Captain of HMS Victory in 1983, while the ship was still manned by six naval ratings. Taking command of her in a snowstorm he was most proud of the fact that he served on board Victory longer than Nelson. Charles passed away peacefully at his home on the edge of Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk in early November 2012.
He was one of life's great characters, a tall imposing man who became the first commanding officer of Victory to recognise the interest of the ship and its period to a small group of people who had recently come together to form The Nelson Society. He opened the ship up to the society while personally welcoming individuals on board with a beaming smile. A man of huge charm and sometimes strange naval habits, while preparing a meal at his bachelor flat in Portsmouth guests would receive the equivalent of a large tin of peas to accompany the meal. After the Admiral and other VIP's had departed the quarter deck of Victory following the Trafalgar Day celebrations he invited those remaining to breakfast in Hardy's cabin on devilled kidney, followed by fruit and rum punch, a great social occasion.

He was something of an athlete and a very strong swimmer. Whilst serving in Hong Kong he saw a hand appear out of the water some distance away on grabbing it a young girl appeared, the daughter of the Commodore who was unconscious and on the point of drowning. She was able to thank him some years later as a mature artist by painting his portrait. His huge personality and character came to the fore when his patrol boat strayed into Chinese territorial waters he along with his ships company were detained for three days by the Chinese authorities. On being released he returned to harbour wearing a Chinese cloth cap with a large red star in the centre while the crew were similar dressed. Making the signal to C in C Hong Kong, Addis has re-joined the Fleet, gaining the name from the lower deck of Bodger Addis he was also more simply known as The Brush.

On retiring he became Librarian of the Royal College of Defence Studies, London where he remained for seven years. He researched and published, The Men who fought with NELSON in HMS VICTORY at TRAFALGAR, Nelson Society 1987, printed by Vincent Graphics. He became Editor of The Nelson Dispatch, Journal of The Nelson Society in January 1987 often writing articles under the name of Tertius. A confirmed bachelor for most of his life he married Jeannie before fully retiring at the end of 1996 to devote his time to various history researches, painting, music, swimming and walking. Among other projects he converted their double garage into a library to hold his fine collection of naval history books. A member of The 1805 Club he remained in full contact with events. He thought the club and its publications exceptional, perhaps naturally its newsletter, the Kedge Anchor often commenting on its fine content and style.
A man of special charm who always conveyed an interest in the people he met or knew.

On receiving his MBE from the Queen her Majesty asked, what do you do? The reply was perhaps typical: I have the honour, Mamm, to be the Captain of Your Majesty's only surviving Battleship, VICTORY.
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