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the Rev Halloran, a bogus chaplain at Trafalgar
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Post Posted: Sun May 27, 2012 7:12 pm    Post subject: the Rev Halloran, a bogus chaplain at Trafalgar Reply with quote

The Rev Lawrence Hynes Halloran was Chaplain on board the Britannia at Trafalgar.

He was born on 29 December 1765 in co Meath, Ireland

He entered the navy in 1781 but was jailed in 1783 for stabbing and killing a fellow midshipman. He was acquitted in 1784.

He married Mary Boutcher and ran a school at Exeter until 1788 and then an Academy at Alphington near Exeter until he became insolvent in 1796. He was also charged with immorality.

A professed Roman Catholic, he recanted in 1792 but never won the Anglican ordination he wanted.
In 1797 - 1798 he was in the RN posing as a Chaplain.
In 1800 he was awarded a Doctorate in Divinity at King's College, Aberdeen.

A son was 2nd Lieutenant Lawrence Boulcher Joseph Halloran, RM, on board the same ship at Trafalgar.
During the battle the reverend, who had a very loud and clear voice, stood beside the Earl of Northesk and repeated the word of command through a speaking-trumpet after him.
He soon published A Sermon on Occasion of the Victory off Trafalgar, delivered on board HMS Britannia at Sea, 3 November 1805, and The Battle of Trafalgar, a poem, 1806.

He was afterwards appointed Rector of the Public Grammar School in Cape Town, and Chaplain to the Forces in South Africa.
Here in 1810 a duel took place between two officers,and a court martial was held on the parties engaged in the affair. Halloran warmly espoused the cause of the accused and wrote their defence.
Lieutenant-general the Hon. H. G. Grey, considering that his interference was improper, ordered him to remove to Simon's Town. Rather than do this he resigned his chaplaincy, but revenged himself by publishing a satire, Capabilities, or South African Characteristics in 1811.
At General Grey's insistence the governor prosecuted Halloran, who was found guilty of defamatory libel, had costs charged against him, was heavily fined, and banished from the colony.

He returned to England, where he made a living, preaching and teaching. He styled himself a Doctor in Divinity.
In 1818 he was charged at the Old Bailey with having counterfeited a tenpenny frank in the name of Sir William Garrow, MP, on a letter addressed to the Rector whose church he was serving for the purpose of accrediting himself as a curate.
He persisted in pleading guilty, because, he said, the only person who could establish his innocence was dead, and that the charge would not have been brought against him but for a subsequent quarrel with his rector.
He was sentenced to seven years of transportation.

In 1822 Halloran was reunited in Sydney with his second family and their unmarried mother, Lydia Anne (Anna) Halloran, who may have been his own niece. Anna died in October 1823, after the birth of her twelfth child, and in August 1824 he married Elizabeth Turnbull, aged 17, who bore him several children.

He established the Sydney Free Grammar School in 1825. He soon was again in trouble, imprisoned for debt in November 1826.
In 1828 the governor Darling took pity on him and appointed him coroner for Sydney, but soon had to dismiss him.
He died there on 8 March 1831.

Gent. Mag. 1818, ii. 462
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