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TRYTON (42) 5th rate A French ship taken at Vigo in 1702.
Sold in 1709.

  • 1705 Capt. Joseph TAYLOR, employed with great success as a cruiser in the English Channel. Capturing a frigate of 28 guns, taken into the service as TRYTON'S PRIZE, and three other privateers of 24 guns each, called the FOX, CRUIZER and ENTERPRISE.
  • From a letter dated Plymouth, April 17th. 1705:-
    "Her majesty's ship the Triton, Capt. Taylor commander, has brought in here two privateers of St. Malo, which he took two days ago about 15 leagues to the southward of the Lizard; one is called the Sanspareille of 20 guns and one hundred and thirty-five men; the other the Beringhen of 24 guns and one hundred and sixty men; they are both new ships, and esteemed as good sailors as any that belonged to St. Malo."

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