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TORRINGTON (40) 5th rate Built in 1676, Woolwich DY as CHARLES GALLEY.
Rebuild in Deptford DY in 1710.
Renamed TORRINGTON in 1729.
Sold on 12 July 1744.

  • 1729 Capt. Philip VINCENY, appointed 18th. July 1729. In the following December he sailed for the Mediterranean, having on board the Earl of Kinnoul, who was appointed ambassador to the Porte. He quitted the command on his return to England.
  • 1731 Capt. Robert FYTCHE, appointed 10th. May 1731. He was originally intended to have sailed with the fleet under Sir Charles WAGER for the Mediterranean, but for some unknown reason did not proceed there. In December he was appointed to SHEERNESS
  • 1732 Capt. John WINGATE, he was appointed on 6th. April, and twelve days later he was succeeded by Capt. William PARRY, promoted out of the OTTER sloop on the Newfoundland station on 18th. April. Ordered to the coast of Africa.
  • 1736 Capt. Thomas TREFUSIS, appointed 25th. December. This was the only naval command in which this officer was employed, being appointed as Commissioner of the Victualling Office in 1740.
  • 1741 Capt. William KNIGHT.
  • 1741 Capt. Edward HERBERT, appointed 5 March.

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