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TILBURY (58) 4th rate Built in 1745, Portsmouth DY.
Foundered in 1757.

  • 1745 Capt. Alexander, Lord BAMFF, promoted out of HASTINGS in August.
  • On 20th. December TILBURY and the PRINCESS LOUISA arrived at Deal with the following East India ships under convoy:- St. George, Robertson; Duke of Dorset, Frognell; Godolphin, Stevens; York, Lascelles; Beaufort, --; Dorrington, Crabb; Caesar, Court; King William, --; Winchester --; Lapwing, --; Winchelsea, Barran; Prince William, Webster; and the Stafford, Baker.
  • 1746 Capt. Robert HARLAND, 19th. March. He retained command until the end of 1747. In the action with the L'Etendiere's squadron Rear Adm. HAWKE says "Capt. Harland of the TILBURY, observing one of the enemy ships fired single guns at us, in order to dismast us, stood out on the other tack between her and the Devonshire and gave her a very smart fire."
    He removed to NOTTINGHAM following the death of Capt. SAUMAREZ who was killed in the action.
  • 1748 Capt. Robert HUGHES.
  • 1748 Capt. Charles POWLET, who was promoted to the ship by Rear Adm. KNOWLES in the West Indies at the end of the year. His conduct was unfairly censured by his commander, who would not prefer specific charges against him until at last his insinuations resulted in a court martial which honourably acquitted him.
  • 1757 Capt. Henry BARNSLEY. One of the fleet in HOLBURNE's fruitless expedition against Louisburg. The whole squadron was dispersed by a violent storm on the 27th. which badly damaged most of the ships, TILBURY was was driven ashore and Capt. BARNSLEY and many of his people were drowned. The survivors were made prisoner by the French, who treated them kindly.

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