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THUNDERER (74) 3rd rate Built in 1760, Woolwich DY.
Wrecked in 1780.

  • 1760 Capt. Charles PROBY. In June 1761 he was sent by Vice Adm. SAUNDERS to cruise off Cadiz with a small force consisting of the THUNDERER; MODESTE (64); the THETIS frigate and the FAVOURITE sloop, the object being to intercept two French warships, the ACHILLES (54); and the BOUSSON frigate.
  • A letter from Sir Charles SAUNDERS to Mr Cleveland, dated Gibraltar Mole on board NEPTUNE, July 20. 1761:
    It is the greatest pleasure that that I desire you will acquaint their lordships, that Capt. Proby, in the Thunderer, who was cruising of Cadiz has fallen in with, and taken the Achilles and Bousson, and brought them into into this bay. On looking into Cadiz, on Thursday morning, the 14th. instant, he missed the French ships, and at two in the afternoon of the 16th. he discovered them, Cadiz then bearing E. N.E 1/4th. E. distant nine leagues; about one in the morning of the 17th., the Thunderer came up with and began to engage the Achilles, who struck after an action of about half an hour. Cadiz then bearing E. one-half S. distant 19 leagues. The Thetis came up with the Bousson about seven the same morning, they engaged also for about half an hour, when the Modeste coming up, and firing some guns, the Bousson struck. The Thunderer is pretty much damaged in her masts, yards, sails and rigging, had 17 men killed in the action, and 113 wounded, 17 of which are since dead. The Thetis has also suffered in her masts, rigging etc. but had not one man killed or wounded, I cannot yet ascertain the loss of the enemy; we are sending their wounded to the hospitals, of which I will send you a more particular account as soon as possible. The second and third lieutenants of the Thunderer are among the wounded, and the former of them in a very dangerous way. Capt. Proby also received a slight wound in his right hand. .
    CHARLES SAUNDERS, vice admiral of the blue. etc

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