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TERROR (14) Bomb Built in 1741, Limehouse.
Sold in 1754.

  • 1746 Cdr. Robert DUFF, in the early part of the year he was very active off the coast of Scotland.

    Island of Coll. May 19th. 1746
    The day after our engagement with the two French men of war, off Loch Nouay, and having in the best manner we could, repaired the damage done us in our masts and rigging, upon the 6th., at four in the morning, we sailed from Arras. About noon we were in Loch Nouay, but not finding the two ships there, we proceeded to Cannay to endeavour to get intelligence of them. At Cannay we were informed they had passed by that island on the fourth, in the afternoon. We steered onward and searched the harbours on that coast; but not finding them there, went out to Stornaway. Upon the 13th. instant, near Cape Wriath, we were joined by the Scarborough and Glasgow, men of war,each of twenty guns, with the Tryal and Happy Jennet sloops. Having intelligence of a French sloop of eight guns being upon that coast, I was ordered to search the Loch on the Main, from Loch Brim to Ardnamurchan, which I have accordingly done, but can get no other account of her, than such a vessel was seen off the mouth of the Loch Brim on the 9th. Upon the 17th. instant I joined the Furnace off Glenaley; yesterday we went into Loch Nouay, and sent a party of men on shore to search for arms and ammunition landed from the French men of war. We found twenty barrels of powder and about eighty muskets, which we brought off.
  • On 23rd. October 1746 he was promoted to post captain and appointed to the ANGLESEA.

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