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TEMPLE (70) 3rd rate Built in 1758, Hull.
Foundered in 1762.

  • 1760 Capt. Lucius O'BRIEN, West Indies.
    In August 1760, having learnt, that the VIRGIN, a British sloop of war that had been captured in May, (her commander, Capt. St LOO was killed in the action) was in Petit Havre Bay, Martinique, together with three privateers with 12 guns and more than 150 men each, he, with Capt. TAYLOR in the frigate GRIFFIN (28), proceeded to the attack and after several hours succeeded in cutting them out. The prizes were protected by three forts mounting 18 guns, including thirty-two and twenty-four pounders, which were completely destroyed. Three more ships were cut out from beneath another fort on the island and a fleet of thirteen victuallers captured. The whole were carried into Antigua. The TEMPLE had one man killed and two wounded, apart from the 1st. lieutenant who lost his thigh by a cannon shot. The two ships lost only two men killed and eight wounded.

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