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SOMERSET (80) 3rd rate Built in 1698, Chatham DY.
Broken up in 1740.

  • From a Journal in Sir George Rooke's own hand. 1702.
  • October 11 -- We sailed above the town of Viga, and came to an anchor in ten fathom water, at ten o'clock in the afternoon; I immediately called a Council of General Officers, to consider and resolve on a disposition for attacking the enemy by sea and land.
  • 12. -- At break of day this morning, I removed and hoisted my flag on board the Somerset, the wind being at W. S.W. promised a favourable opportunity of attempting the enemy according to the resolution of yesterday. His Grace the Duke of Ormond, used great diligence in disembarking the troops and landing them in a bay on the south shore about four miles to the eastward of Vigo, and ordered the grenadiers to march under the command of my Lord Shannon, towards the Fort on the south side, Ronondella. At nine o'clock made the signal to weigh, which was accordingly done, the line of battle formed and the ships going upon the enemy, but falling calm, the van of our line was obliged to anchor within that of the enemy's batteries, as the rest of the ships did in the order.
  • At ten o'clock Capt. Jennings came on board from Vice Adm. Hopson to inform me that the passage at the boom was extremely narrow, that both sides were well fortified, and that in all probability the first ship that attempted the passage would be lost. I immediately went on board, and the more I looked the more I liked it. I saw the enemy had not made disposition of their ships for a vigourous defence, and they were in a consternation and confusion so that I ordered Mr Hopson and the rest of the officers to execute their orders and do their duty.
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  • Hulk from 1715.

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