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SHEERNESS (32) 5th rate Built in 1691, Sheerness.
Sold in 1744.

  • 1695 Capt. Valentine BOWLES. On 27th. October 1698 he was sentenced by a court martial to be dismissed from both his ship and the service 1697.
  • 1700? Capt. William URRY. On 7th. December 1702 he was accused of " Ill-conduct and Cowardice" in withdrawing from an engagement with an French ship of 28 guns after the enemy had lost her masts, and refused to engage another ship also inferior in force. He was sentenced to be shot to death.
  • 1718 Arthur DELGANO. Ordered out as a cruiser on the coast of Spain where he captured a Spanish vessel of 18 guns bound from San Domingo to Cadiz with a valuable cargo of cocoa and logwood. with several chests of dollars.
  • 1724 Capt. James CORNWALL, 3rd. April. 1731 rebuilt at Deptford as a 6th. Rate.
  • 1731 Capt. Robert FYTCHE, December. To the West Indies to protect British trade from interference by Spanish garda costas.
  • 1735 Capt. Miles STAPLETON, West Indies. To the PRINCESS LOUISA in 1739.
  • 1740 Capt. Robert MAYNARD, promoted to command by Adm. Vernon on 22nd September.
  • 1741 Capt. Henry WARD who, on 25 May, was appointed by Ad. VERNON under whom he had previously served as a lieutenant. In SHEERNESS he captured and carried in to Jamaica a very rich Spanish ship called the N. S. del ROSARIO.

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