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SEVERN (48) 4th rate Built in 1695, Blackwall.
Broken up in 1734.

  • 1704 Capt. Robert HARLAND, 24th. March.
  • 1708 Capt. Humphrey PUDNEY, Port Royal. With Commodore WAGER's squadron at Jamaica, by whom he was ordered to take station off Porto Bello and watch the movements of the Spanish galleons there.
  • He returned home in 1709 and in the September of the following year, he and Capt. PURVIS of PORTLAND, under the orders of Capt. ALDRED in ROCHESTER, attacked the French settlements in Newfoundland. Fifty vessels were taken, some of 28 or 30 guns, and all the settlements destroyed. He then escorted a convoy to the Mediterranean where he placed himself under the orders of Sir John NORRIS. On 22 March 1711 SEVERN,LYON and LYME were cruising off Vado, where the fleet lay at anchor, when four large enemy ships were sighted. Adm. NORRIS ordered NASSAU and EXETER out in support, but before they could arrive the two frigates and the 60 gun LYON were brought to action.

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