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SEAFORD (24) 6th rate Built in 1697, Portsmouth DY.
Broken up in 1740.

  • 1703 George SAUNDERS, (acting captain) Dublin.
  • A letter from that port dated March 9th. 1703:-
  • "On the 4th. instant came into this harbour the Jane ketch of this place, Robert Irwin, master, from Lisbon, laden with wine and fruit, and gave advice that he had been taken off Wicklow, by a French privateer of eight guns and fifty men. M. Pervine, commander, belonging to St. Malo, and had ransomed his ship for 325 L., whereupon his grace the lord lieutenant immediately ordered captain Saunders in his majesty's ship the Seaford and the Charlotte yacht, captain Breholt commander, (having forty landsmen on board) to go in quest of the privateer. The 5th., by break of day, they sailed to the southward, and went out at Wicklow swatch. About noon the man of war spied a sail, which he immediately chased. About one o'clock they saw a second sail; and captain Saunders, concluding them to be the privateer and a prize, having seen boats pass between them, made all sail he could after the privateer; and about four in the afternoon came within shot of him, both rowing, there being but little wind. The privateer steered to the Welsh coast; and a gale arising at W. N.W. about eleven at night, the privateer got into Carnarvon Bay, and the man of war came so near him as to shoot his fore-mast by the board; and having fired a broadside, sent his boat on board and took him, and at seven at night, brought him into this bay."
  • 1705 Capt. George SAUNDERS. He was appointed to SHOREHAM on 1st. January for a few days to give him post rank, and then returned to SEAFORD.
  • 1724 rebuilt at Deptford.
  • 1739 Capt. Hon. Henry SCOTT, Carolina.

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