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SAPPHIRE (42) 4th rate Built in 1708, Portsmouth DY.
Sold in 1745.

  • 1711 Capt. John COCKBURN, American station, ordered to join Rear Ad. Sir Hovenden WALKER's expedition against French Canada with the ultimate aim of attacking Quebec. By the time the force arrived at the mouth of the St. Lawrence on 18 August, Capt. Augustine ROUSE was in command of SAPPHIRE, there having been extensive changes a few weeks earlier. Capt. COCKBURN now commanded SUNDERLAND.
  • In spite of the formidable force at his disposal the admiral, following a council of war, decided to abandon the enterprise and returned to England, arriving at St. Helen's on 9th. October. (See EDGAR)
  • Capt. ROUSE died on 5th. Oct. 1714 while still commanding SAPPHIRE, then cruising off the Scottish coast.
  • 1728 Capt. John SMITH (2), appointed to SAPPHIRE on 13 January, with six other ships of the same force he was ordered to be equipped for immediate service and sent to the West Indies, where he died on 18 August 1729.
  • 1729 Capt. Arthur DAVIS. Hulked from 1740 and sold in 1745.

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