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SALISBURY (50) 4th rate Built in 1769, Chatham DY.
Wrecked in 1796.

  • 1778 Capt. Charles INGLIS, appointed in September and soon after ordered to Jamaica.
  • SALISBURY, off Port Royal, Jan. 8th. 1780.
  • SIR.
  • On the 12th. of last month, at daybreak, being then off Porto del Sall, in the Bay of Honduras, we saw two sail to the eastward, one a large ship, the other a sloop, to which we gave chace, it being then a light breeze. After different manoeuvres, and the strange ship making some private signals through the day, at six in the evening we got pretty near, when she hoisted Spanish ensign and pendant. At half past six we fired some shot, which was immediately returned, and we continued closing, with a constant fire on both sides, till past nine o'clock, when her main-mast went overboard, and she surrendered. Her mizzen-mast also went during the night.
  • She proved to be the San Carlos, of fifty guns, thirty-eight twelve-pounders, sixteen of which are brass, twelve six-pounders, and three hundred and ninety seven men, a private ship of war, commanded by Don Juan Antonio Zaveletta, from Cadiz, bound to Port Omoa, having on board twelve twenty-four pounders, brass cannon, a quantity of shot and shells, five thousand stand of arms, etc. The sloop made off during the night.
  • In the action there were four men killed on board the Salisbury, and fourteen wounded, five of whom died of their wounds. Mr Miller, the Master, was much wounded, but is in a fair way of recovery.
  • The Salisbury suffered much in her sails and rigging, which we immediately set about repairing, as well as putting the prize into as good a state of sailing and defence as circumstances would admit of, under the command of lieutenant Haynes, first lieutenant of the Salisbury.
  • Since that time we have been beating up for Jamaica, which we have attained with some trouble, and have pleasure to inform you that, throughout this service, it has been carried on with a proper and spirited exertion of both officers and ship's company.
  • I am Sir.
  • Your most obedient, humble servant
  • To Sir Peter Parker, knt.
  • Capt. INGLIS continued on the Jamaica station until June 1780, when he was ordered to England with a convoy. He was put out of commission on arrival, and was appointed to the ST. ALBANS at the beginning of 1781.
  • 1784 Vice Adm. J. CAMPBELL and Capt. J. BRADBY in Newfoundland.

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