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SALAMANDER (8) Fireship Purchased in 1757.
Sold in 1761.

  • 1757 Cdr. John ELPHINSTONE. At the beginning of the year he had been promoted from a lieutenant in the ROYAL SOVEREIGN to command the LONDON BUSS, a vessel employed in convoying the Dutch mail. On 5th. May he was established in the rank and appointed to SALAMANDER. During the summer of 1758 she took part in a number of expeditions against the coast of France under the orders of Commodore Richard HOWE, to cover the landing of troops under the duke of Marlborough. On 7th. October a successful attack was launched against the forts and basin of Cherbourg with troops under Lieut. Gen. Bligh. and on 4th. September shipping in Briac was destroyed. After this attack it was decided to evacuate the troops from the bay of St. Cas under cover of fire from the small vessels of the squadron. However Gen. Bligh, instead of keeping his men behind the cover of high ground, had marched them on to the open beach where the ships could not fire without fear of hitting them. A number of seamen were killed or captured when manning the boats attempting to bring the soldiers off. ELPHINSTONE, along with captains ROWLEY, MAPLESDON and PASTON, were all made prisoner. After being exchanged he was appointed to EURUS as a post captain.

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