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RUPERT 3rd rate Built in 1740, Sheerness DY.
Broken up in 1769.

  • 1745 Capt. Matthew BUCKLE, appointed from the SPENCE sloop on 29th. May. In September 1747 by the capture of the GLORIOSO, a Spanish ship of war, carrying 74 guns and more than 700 men, which had been unsuccessfully engaged at different periods by Captains CALLIS, CROOKSHANKS, ERSKINE and last by Capt. HAMILTON, who perished in the encounter. The engagement lasted for nearly six hours when he had 25 men killed and many more wounded. The number of Spaniards surviving after their surrender meant that Capt. BUCKLE had to put some of the prisoners on board the KING GEORGE and PRINCE FREDERIC privateers. Capt. BUCKLE took his much shattered ship and the prize into Lisbon.

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