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RUBY (54) 4th rate Built in 1708, Deptford DY.
Sold in 1748.

  • 1741 Capt. Samuel GOODERE (or GOODYERE), from ANTELOPE. On 17th. January Sir John Dinely Goodere Bt., the brother of the captain, was strangled on board RUBY, which was lying at Kingswood near Bristol, by two men, Mahony and White, at the instigation of Capt. GOODERE, who stood guard outside the cabin door while the deed was committed.
  • Sir John had conceived a causeless and unjustified antipathy towards his brother and manifested it whenever it whenever he had it in his power, it was thought that that the captain's protection of Lady Dinley against Sir John's unkind usage of her was one of the principal reasons. On the night in question the captain met his brother at Mr Smith's on College Green, Bristol, and pretended to be reconciled. After they parted several men including Matthew Mahony and George Bell, the cockswain of the barge, together with the greater part of the barge's crew, who had been at the sign of the White Hart on the Green followed Sir John and seized him as he came under St. Augustine's church wall, hurrying him over Capt. Day's rope-walk to the hot well and into the barge, Capt. GOODERE giving it out that he was mad, and so got him aboard RUBY and into the purser's cabin. Elisha Cole, who was intended to assist Mahony in the murder, being dead drunk, the captain ordered Mahony to fetch Charles White and gave him a quart of rum, working him up to a proper pitch so that he was ready enough to assist. White and Mahony went into the cabin, put a rope around Sir John's neck and strangled him. After the murder the captain let the two ruffians go ashore and locked himself in his cabin. The ship's Cooper, having informed the lieutenant of the murder, knocked on the cabin door pretending that his chest had been broken open and rifled, and demanded justice. This the captain promising, opened the door to them, on which they saw the dead body and seized him. The other villains were soon taken and all three committed to Newgate, Bristol, where Mahony confessed all, saying that he only wanted a priest to give him absolution. Capt. GOODERE was executed on 4th. April 1740.
  • 1740 Capt. MEADE from the GREENWICH (90).
  • Renamed MERMAID in May 1744.

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