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ROYAL GEORGE (100) 1st rate Built in 1756, Woolwich DY.
Foundered at Spithead in 1782.

  • 1782 Capt. WAGHORN. On the 19th. August the ROYAL GEORGE lying at Spithead, had occasion to heel, in order to repair some of the coppering which was much damaged under water. A sudden and violent squall threw her over so much that, with the lower deck guns run out, the water rushed in, and before it was possible for the crew, who were at their dinners, to do anything to save the ship, she filled and sunk. Capt WAGHORN, two lieutenants and about 100 people were picked up by the boats. Rear Adm. KEMPENFELT, several officers and about 400 people, who included many of the wives and children of seamen and marines. Capt. WAGHORN was tried by a court martial held on board the WARSPITE on the 9th. September in Portsmouth Harbour. He was honourably acquitted of blame.

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