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ROSE (20) 6th rate Built in 1712, Chatham DY.
Sold in 1744.

  • 1733 Capt. COTTEREL, On 23rd. January a court martial held on board the DREADNOUGHT at Portsmouth, Adm. CAVENDISH presiding, Capt. COTTEREL was mulcted of three month's pay for his ill treatment of his ship's company, who were permitted to be discharged from their captain's service. Three days later he was removed to the LOWESTOFFE and replaced in ROSE by:-
  • 1733 Capt. Charles WINDHAM. Shortly after commissioning her he was ordered to join Capt. CORNWALL of the GREYHOUND and Capt. SMITH of the DURSLEY GALLEY in punishing the Sallee pirates who were almost daily attacking British shipping. He destroyed several of the corsairs, in particular, in company with Capt. TOWREY of the SHOREHAM, two mounting 26 guns each about July 1734. Letters reached London on 30 September 1734 with the news that Mr Zollicoffre, the British ambassador to the Emperor of Morocco, had redeemed 140 British subjects and they were being embarked on board the ROSE at Tetuan. They were landed at Portsmouth on Wednesday 30th. October and presented to his Majesty in his garden at St. James's House on Tuesday 12th. November. "The king asked several questions and ordered them 100 L out of the Privy Purse. Several of the nobility gave them five, some, ten guineas. They were then then taken to the Admiralty Garden, where one of the captives presented Sir Charles WAGER with a letter from Adm. Perez. Sir Charles gave them a Bank Bill for 50 L. They afterwards dined at Ironmonger's Hall. Most, being seamen, will serve in the Fleet, the commanders among them will be provided for in the Navy, as places shall fall."
  • ROSE was ordered to South Carolina.
  • At the end of 1737 he was forced to suspend his Master, William ABSON, for theft when effects belonging to the Surgeon, Thomas ALLAN, the surgeon's mate, Walter CLURG, John GORDON, master's mate, Lieut. Francis MOHUN of the SHARK sloop and others, were found in his possession. He was confined, but escaped. Mr POPE, the Boatswain, who was also suspected of embezzlement, ran away when a survey of stores was ordered. They were replaced by John GORDON and Charles WARD.
  • WINDHAM reported from New York in September 1738 that he was sailing for home, "the ship leaky, rudder and mainmast condemned and foresail bought." He anchored in Longreach, off Deptford on the evening of 10 December.
  • ROSE was hulked from October 1739 and sold in 1744.

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