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ROMNEY (54) 4th rate Built in 1694, Blackwall.
Wrecked in 1707.

  • 1706 Capt. William CONEY, Mediterranean with Sir Cloudesly SHOVEL. In December he was detached to cruise with the frigates FOWEY and MILFORD and while at Gibraltar he learnt that a French privateer was anchored at Malaga, having on board nearly thirty pieces of brass cannon salvaged from the MAGNAMINE, a French warship that had gone ashore about a year previously. The capture of the privateer is described in Gazette No. 4298
  • Gibraltar, Dec. 29th. (O. S.)
  • This day a French prize was brought in here by her majesty's ship the Romney, Capt. Coney; the Foy, Capt. Laistock and the Milford, Capt. Stanhope, commanders; they having intelligence of a French ship, sailed to the eastward the 26th. inst. The next morning they made the bay of Tetuan, and thence made their best of their way to Malaga, off which port they appeared about eight o'clock in the morning, on the 28th., under French colours. The ship they had intelligence of being close hauled up to the mole, and under command of the cannon of the town, Capt. Coley resolved to go in with his own ship and fetch her off; accordingly he entered the bay under a French jack and pendant and afterwards proceeded up to the said ship and dropped anchor within pistol-shot of her. While he prepared to fire into her, there came off the shank's boat to compliment him as a a French captain; he seized upon the crew, which was commanded by the Teniente de guarda major, and then fired a broadside into the Frenchman, and after shot two more, which obliged most of the Frenchmen to quit the ship; so he sent his boats to board her. All the cannon of the town kept playing on him, which were about fifty; however he brought off the ship in spite of all their fire, and without the loss of one man. She proved to be a prize of considerable value.
  • 1707 wrecked on the Scilly Isles 26th. October.

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