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ROEBUCK (42) 5th rate Built in 1704, Portsmouth DY.
  • 1704 Capt. Thomas KEMPTHORNE, appointed 31st. March. He sailed for the Mediterranean with the squadron under Sir Cloudesley SHOVELL, who was sent there to reinforce Sir George ROOKE. He was present at the Battle of Malaga on 13th. August. When ROOKE returned to Engand after the battle with the greater part of the fleet, Capt. KEMPTHORNE remained with the detachment under Sir John LEAKE, who was to command during the winter. In December he was ordered to assist in escorting some transports with troops to reinforce the Gibraltar garrison, but narrowly escaping from a French fleet, under M. de POINTIS, off Cape Spartel, ROEBUCK and GREENWICH were forced to return to Lisbon. ANTELOPE however, arrived in Gibraltar with nine transports, and NEWCASTLE came in two days after with seven more, having added some 3000 men to the garrison.
  • 1706 Capt. Bartholomew CANDLER.
  • 1708 Capt. Charles HARDY, with BYNG'S fleet in the North Sea. To Jamaica in May 1708
  • 1710 Capt. Philip DAWES.
  • 1711 Capt. John FLETCHER, appointed on 7th. March. Home waters and Leeward Islands.
  • 1715 Capt. Charles CONSTABLE, he died in Barbados in 1716, while in command of ROEBUCK.
  • Taken to pieces in 1725, Rebuilt at Woolwich in 1733.
  • 1741 Capt. John BRETT, promoted out of the GRAMPUS sloop on 25 March. He was almost immediately ordered to the Mediterranean. On Monday 24 May 1742 ROEBUCK arrived at Dartmouth in 25 days from Port Mahon, and brought home Admiral HADDOCK whose ill-health had compelled him to quit his command. The ship brought advice that Admiral Matthews with his squadron had sailed from Gibraltar to join Adm. LESTOCK.
  • In November 1742 Capt. BRETT removed into the ANGLESEA of the same force.

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