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ROCHESTER (48) 4th rate Built in 1693, Chatham DY.
Broken up in 1748.

  • 1702 Capt. Edward OWEN, cruising in the Channel. Captured the GRACIEUSE from the French on 18th. May 1702, she was taken into the Royal Navy as ROCHESTER's PRIZE.
  • Dartmouth, May 6th. 1705.
  • " On the 1st. instant her majesty's ship Rochester, captain Owen, commander, brought into Torbay a re-taken ship, called the Richard & Sarah, of London, captain Wilkinson, master, richly laden and homeward bound from Jamaica. This ship had been taken on the 25th. past in lat. 51. by a privateer of St. Malo, of eighteen guns and one hundred and sixty men, after a very sharp dispute, which lasted eight hours, in which she lost her main-mast. Captain Owen retook her on the 30th. past, and gave chase also to the privateer, but could not come up with her. Captain Owen has likewise brought into Torbay a French privateer of twenty-four guns which he took after a fight of five hours, wherein the captain and the lieutenant of the privateer were killed. This ship is Dutch built; was taken from the Dutch about two years ago on the Dogger Bank and can carry thirty-two guns."
  • He was promoted to MEDWAY in 1706.
  • 1715 rebuilt at Deptford.
  • 1744 Renamed MAIDSTONE, hospital ship.

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