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ROBUST (74) 3rd rate Built in 1764, Barnard, Harwich.
Harbour service in 1812.

  • 1779 Capt. Philip COSBY, accompanied Mr ARBUTHNOT to North America in May. On the 16th. March 1782 they encountered de Ternay's squadron off the Capes of Virginia. Capt. COSBY led the British line into action, and behaved in a most gallant manner in his action with the van of the enemy. The French commander were unable to withstand such an attack, and were compelled to break their line after half an hour. ROBUST, and two other ships in the British van, the EUROPE and the PRUDENT, had suffered severely that Mr ARBATHNOT found impossible to pursue the enemy; ROBUST was so disabled that she had to to go to New York for urgent repairs.
  • ROBUST was later ordered to England for repair, and Earl CORNWALLIS was to go with her as a passenger, but as soon as she got to sea it was clear that she was unseaworthy, so the Earl removed to a merchant ship and ROBUST bore away to Antigua. After re-fitting there she arrived in England with a convoy in July 1782.

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