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RIPPON (64) 3rd rate Built in 1712, Deptford DY.
Broken up in 1751.

  • 1735 rebuilt at Woolwich as 60 guns.
  • 1738 Docked at Plymouth 20th. Aug. to 3rd. Sept, cleaned, graved and fitted. Ready to enter men on 7th.
  • 1739 Warrant to fit the RIPPON for Channel service at Plymouth on 26th. August. Capt. Christopher POCKLINGTON of Grafton Street, Dublin, appointed to command in October. Volunteers carried to Plymouth from Dublin on board the Caroline, snow, James Dick, Master.
  • 1740 RIPPON, with YORK and WEYMOUTH, arrived at Spithead on 13th. Jan. Warrant to dock RIPPON and sheathe, grave and refit her for foreign service received at Portsmouth on 18 May.
  • Capt. George SCLATER (also spelt SLATER and SLAUGHTER)
  • 1740 Capt. Thomas JOLLY. RIPPON was equipped in the autumn for the intended expedition against Carthagena. He fell victim to the climate in the West Indies and died in May 1741.
  • 1741 Captain James RENTON was appointed to succeed Capt. JOLLY and he was ordered by Adm. VERNON to cruise to the windward of St. Jago, reconnoitre the coast and intercept the Spanish trade, Capt. RENTON remained in RIPPON until he returned to England with Sir Chaloner OGLE on 2 June 1745.
  • Cumberland, in Port Royal Harbour, Jamaica. April 21st. 1744.
  • On the 23rd. past, the Rippon arrived from cruising in the Windward Passage, and brought with her a Spanish Man of War of 18 guns and 8 swivels, and 140 men, being taken under the Island of Tortuga. She has on board 1200 Chests of Quicksilver, and a great Quantity of other rich Merchandise; is called the Conde de Chincan, and was bound to Vera Cruz. She is a Ship of about three or four Years old, and reckoned a prime sailor, is exceedingly well fitted and used to sail with 24 guns, but this Time with less, on account of her Merchandise.
  • This vessel was taken into the Royal Navy as RIPPON's PRIZE.
  • In May 1751 a survey at Chatham decided that from existing defects already discovered, it would cost as much to repair RIPPON as rebuild her and it was proposed that she was taken to pieces and and a new 60-gun ship be built to replace her, of the draught of the YORK and the MEDWAY.

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