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RIPPON (60) 4th rate Built in 1758, Woolwich DY.
Broken up in 1808.

  • 1758 Capt. Edward JEKYLL. At the end of the year he was ordered to the West Indies with the squadron under commodore HUGHES. RIPPON and BRISTOL silenced the fire from Fort Negro during the attack on Martinique and the marines from both ships were landed but abandoned it soon after when they were withdrawn by the commander in chief. RIPPON was also one of the ships covering the troop landings in Cas de Navires Bay. At St. Pierre Capt. JEKYLL was not informed that the attack, in which he had been allocated a battery to silence, had been abandoned. RIPPON withstood the fire of three batteries for several hours before the Commodore sent boats to tow her out of gun shot.
  • 1759 On 20th. December RIPPON captured seventy leagues from the Lizard, the Cheseria of 28 six pounders with 100 men and six English prisoners. The prize had sailed from Quebec with four or five others. She was sent into Bristol.
  • 1763 On 9th. October a warrant was received at Portsmouth to fit RIPPON as a guardship.
  • 1764 Capt. William BENNETT, Guardship in Portsmouth Harbour.
  • 1766 Capt. Samuel THOMPSON, ditto.

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