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RICHMOND (32) 5th rate Built in 1757, Buxton, Deptford.
Captured in 1781.

  • 1757 Capt. Alexander SCHOMBERG, appointed 5th. April and removed to DIANA before the end of the year.
  • 1758 Capt. Thomas HANKERSON, appointed in September.
  • 1759 Capt. George HAMILTON, died at Halifax in April 1760.
  • ' 1760 Capt. ELPHINSTONE. During a cruise off the coast of Flanders in January 1761, he received intelligence on the 23rd. that a French frigate had, the day before, taken and ransomed the Dorothy & Esther, William Benson. master. Capt. ELPHINSTONE immediately went in search of her and fell in with her about eleven o'clock the same evening. She bore down on RICHMOND for a short time then, suddenly hauling her wind, endeavoured to get away. Capt. ELPHINSTONE pursued and came up with her about half past 10 the following morning when an action started, both ships standing towards the land. At half past twelve both ships ran ashore, alongside one another, and still continuing the engagement for a short time, when the enemy fled from their quarters. Soon afterwards the RICHMOND got afloat, while the enemy escaped from their ship which was entirely destroyed. The French ship was the FELICITE (32), bound for Martinique with a cargo valued at 30,000 L sterling. Capt. Donell, her commander, was killed and near 100 others killed and wounded; RICHMOND had only 3 men killed and 13 wounded. The action, about eight miles from the Hague, was witnessed by the young prince of Orange, Gen. Yorke, Count D'Affrey and many other persons.
  • FELICITE's consort HERMIONE, another frigate of the same force and value, was lost coming out of Dunkirk.
  • The London Gazette, 15 August 1761.
  • Capt. Elphinston of his majesty's ship Richmond, gives an account in his letter dated in Yarmouth roads, 9th. instant, that while he was on the coast of Norway, he took a French privateer called le Faucheur, with six carriage and eight swivel guns and 40 men, with one ransomer on board.
  • 1763 Capt. Stair DOUGLASS, North America
  • 1776 Capt. John GIDOIN
  • 1779 Capt. Charles HUDSON, at the close of the year he was ordered to N. America, sailing in December, with the RALEIGH frigate in company, and a fleet of victuallers and transports from Cork. In September 1781, attached to the fleet under Rear Adm. GRAVES, RICHMOND and IRIS were ordered to stand in to the Chesapeake and cut away the buoys from the French anchors, the enemy having slipped their cables and left them behind. Unfortunately the Comte de Grasse returned as they were completing the task and they were both captured.

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