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RESOLUTION (70) 3rd rate Built in 1705, Woolwich DY.
Run ashore to prevent capture by the French at Ventimiglia on 21-03-1707.

  • "The Earl of Peterborough sailed from Barcelona on the 13th. March O. S. for Genoa, together with a gentleman sent by the king of Spain, in the quality of his envoy to the duke of Savoy, on board the Resolution man of war, commanded by Capt. Mordaunt, his lordship's son, with whom sailed at the same time the Enterprise and Milford frigates.
  • The 19th., being within fifteen leagues of Genoa, they fell in with six French men of war, whereof two were of eighty, two of seventy, one of sixty-eight, the other of fifty-eight guns, who chased them; upon which his lordship, with the Spanish envoy, went on board the Enterprize, and got away in the night, and sailed for Leghorn; the Enterprise likewise made her escape, and got to the same port. The enemy continued to chase the Resolution, one of the ships came about ten at night within gun-shot of her, but did not open fire till the 20th., about six in the morning, they being all clean and newly come out of Toulon, were all come up with the Resolution; then began a very sharp fight, which Capt. Mordaunt maintained, with great bravery and resolution, till half an hour after three in the afternoon; at which time, finding no possibility of getting clear of the enemy, and his ship being very much shattered, it was thought most proper to run her a-shore, which was done accordingly; the enemy still pursued her, and kept continually firing upon her; but finding by the captain returning their fire that he would not quit the ship, they sent out their boats to burn her, but those were soon beat back.
  • The 21st. in the morning one of the enemy's ships, of eighty guns, came very near her, with a design to batter her; but she being full of water and the powder wet, it was resolved to burn her rather than she should fall into the enemy's hands; and accordingly, by eleven that morning, all that part of her which lay above the water was consumed. The captain and the ship's company got safe on shore with what was most valuable on her. He was wounded in his thigh during the action by a cannon-ball, but not dangerously.
  • From the Gazette No. 4324

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