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QUEBEC (32) 5th rate Built in 1760, Barnard, Harwich.
Blown up on 6 Oct. 1779.

  • On 6 October 1779, QUEBEC, Capt. George FARMER, and the RAMBLER cutter, Lieut. GEORGE, being about 15 leagues to the south-west of Ushant, at day-break discovered a large French frigate, La SURVEILLANTE, of 28 eighteen-pounders and 12 six-pounders, and a cutter. At about ten o'clock the two frigates got alongside each other and began a furious engagement which lasted for for three and a half hours; both were totally dismasted and on board each other. The QUEBEC, by firing through her sails (which were lying over the side) caught fire, and this could not be extinguished until six in the evening, when she blew up, killing her captain and many of her officers and crew. The RAMBLER brought the French cutter to action about 11 o'clock and continued till almost two, when the Frenchman bore away, leaving the RAMBLER too shattered to follow. He was unable to assist QUEBEC apart from sending a boat which rescued two midshipmen and 14 seamen. The SURVEILLANTE rescued Mr ROBERTS, the 1st. lieutenant, the 2nd lieutenant of marines, the surgeon, and 36 of the crew. A Russian vessel passing the wreck saved a further thirteen.

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