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PRINCE GEORGE (90) 2nd rate Built in 1687, Woolwich DY as DUKE.
Rebuilt at Chatham DY in 1701 and renamed.
Burnt accidentally on 13 April 1753.

  • 1745 Capt. William PARRY, removed from SANDWICH in June.
  • 1747 Capt. John BENTLEY. Flagship of Rear Adm. ANSON.
  • On 16 May 1747 Capt. DENIS of the CENTURION arrived at the Admiralty Office with an express from Vice Admiral Anson with an account of an action with the French fleet, then being off Cape Finisterre which bore S. E. distant 24 leagues, consisting of 38 ships, nine of which drew into line of battle ahead, while the rest of the fleet, which appeared to be under their convoy, stretched to the westward with all the sail they could set. Mr ANSON, observing that their aim was to gain time and escape under cover of night, made the signal for the whole fleet to chase and engage the enemy, without any regard to the line of battle. Capt. DENIS having got up with sternmost French ship about 4 o'clock in the afternoon, began to engage her, upon which two of the enemy's larger ships bore down to her assistance. The NAMUR, DEFIANCE and WINDSOR soon entered into the action and disabled them. The YARMOUTH and DEVONSHIRE having got up and the PRINCE GEORGE being near the INVINCIBLE, and going to fire into her, all the ships in the enemy's rear struck their colours between 6 and 7 o'clock, as did all those which were in the line before night.
  • The captured ships were:- Le Scrieux (66); L'Invincible (74); Le Diament (56); Le Jason (52); Le Rubis (52); Le Gloire (44). East India Co. ships fitted as ships of war - L'Apollon (30); Le Philibert (30); Le Thetis (20). The FALCON sloop which the Admiral had sent after the convoy during the action, with orders to make signals for a guidance to the other ships, retuned the next day with Le Dartmouth (20), East India ship.
  • Capt. GRENVILLE of the DEFIANCE was killed and Capt. BOSCAWEN of the NAMUR was wounded. Most of our ships have suffered in their masts and rigging.
  • The money taken on board the French fleet was brought through the city of London in twenty wagons, guarded by marines, and lodged in the bank. It is to be re-coined with the word "Finisterre". After the return of the squadron to port following the defeat of De la Jonquiere Capt. BENTLEY quitted the PRINCE GEORGE and was appointed to command DEFIANCE under Rear Adm. HAWKE.

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