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PORT MAHON (24) 6th rate Built in 1740, Buxton, Deptford.
Sold in 1763.

  • 1740 Capt. Harry POWLET, 15 July, employed in convoying the Oporto trade in November.
  • 1741 Capt. John BARRNSLEY.
  • 1741 Capt. Henry AYLMER, appointed 18th. September and employed as a cruiser. In May 1742 he was concerned with Capt. WARREN of the LAUNCESTON, in capturing a Spanish privateer of eighteen carriage and swivel guns with 140 men, which they brought into Portsmouth. On Sunday the 29th. May 1743 he fell in with a Spanish privateer in Lat.50 16.N, and after a running fight, from 5 till 10 in the morning, she struck, and he has brought her into King-road. She is called the Santa Theresa de Jesus, of San Sebastian, of 16 carriage guns and 147 men of different nations, 10 of which were killed and 14 wounded in the engagement, and was commanded by Francis Bonnett, a Frenchman. She had been out for 20 days but had taken no prizes. The PORT MAHON had but one man wounded in the arm.
  • In February 1744 he saved the DUKE OF LORRAIN, a very valuable ship belonging to the English East India company, from being captured by a Spanish privateer, mounting 40 guns, which she had engaged for for seven hours. When the PORT MAHON came on the scene the enemy fled, throwing his guns overboard.
  • In the following May he captured a valuable French ship, bound from the Mississippi to La Rochelle, carrying bale goods and a considerable quantity of money.
  • He quitted command of the PORT MAHON on 4 June 1744 and does not appear to have held a subsequent command. He became Lord AYLMER on the death of his father in June 1754 and died on 7th. October 1766.
  • 1744 Capt. Thomas HARRISON, appointed 5th. June and was employed as a cruiser. On his first cruise to the southward of Cape Clear, he captured a valuable French ship, bound from Petit Guave to Bordeaux, called the NEW ALLIANCE.
  • 1745 Capt. Roger ADAMS, appointed 12th. July 1745.
  • 1746 Capt. Andrews JELFE, appointed out of the SWALLOW sloop on 10th. April.
  • 1747 Capt. Robert ASKEW, promoted out of the SERPENT sloop on the 21st. August, and the following year was tried by a court martial at Louisburg, for detaining the trade under his convoy longer than was necessary at Salt Tortuga. He was also charged with having brought away a considerable quantity of salt in the frigate's hold, a part of which he afterwards sold. He was found guilty, and was fined twelve month's pay. 1756 Capt. Robert HUGHES, immediately previous to the outbreak of war he commanded the PORT MAHON and he removed to the AUGUSTA in April.
  • 1757 Capt. Alexander CAMPBELL, appointed 4th. April and almost immediately removed into the NIGHTINGALE.
  • 1757 Capt. Samuel WALLIS, appointed on 8th. April and was immediately ordered to North America with Mr HOLBURNE, the commander of the expedition against Louisburg.
  • 1759 Capt. Thomas LEMPRIERE, appointed on 22nd February and afterwards ordered to the West Indies where he remained in the same ship until until 1762. He was then promoted to CENTAUR (74).

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