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POOLE (32) 5th rate Built in 1696, Cowes.
Used as foundation in 1737.

  • 1697 Capt. Samuel WORTHINGTON. He was drowned at Harwich on 16th. October.r 1698 Capt. John CRANBY. In the summer POOLE was with squadron sent out to the Mediterranean to restrain the activities of the Barbary pirates. On the way he fell in with part of the Spanish flota from the West Indies which had suffered damage and loss after passing through a terrible storm and he was able to assist them with their repairs. A few days later POOLE suffered storm damage to her masts and rigging and he was obliged to put into Cadiz on 4th. June to make his own repairs.
  • 1719 fitted as a fireship.
  • 1727 Capt. Hon. William HERVEY, 2nd June, he was soon after promoted to the KINSALE.
  • 1734 Capt. MARTIN, promoted from 1st. lieutenant of BRITANNIA in June.
  • 1737 In May she was sunk as a foundation at Harwich.

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