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PENDENNIS (48) 4th rate Built in 1695, Deptford DY.
Captured in 1705.

  • 1696 Capt. Thomas HARDY. In October he convoyed the mast ships from Norway.
  • 1702 Capt. Thomas HUDSON, with Vice Adm. BENBOW's squadron in August, following the French du CASS along the coast of Hipaniola. Capt. HUDSON, together with Capts. KIRBY of DEFIANCE and WADE of GREENWICH, were all accused of cowardice during the subsequent actions. WADE and KIRBY were sentenced to be shot, but HUDSON died on 25th. September, a few days before his trial was due.
  • 1703 Capt. Edward SAINT LOE, appointed 9th. September.
  • 1705 Capt. John FOLJAMBE. With SORLINGS (32), Capt. William CONEY and BLACKWALL (50), Capt. Samuel MARTIN, she was escorting the home-bound Baltic convoy of twelve ships when, on 20th. October, they were intercepted by the Dunkirk squadron under Chevalier de Saint Pol which consisted of four men of war and a number of heavily armed privateers. All the English warships and the convoy were taken, PENDENNIS by PROTEE, and Capts. FOLJAMBE and MARTIN were killed. St Pol also lost his life.

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