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PEMBROKE (60) 4th rate Built in 1694, Deptford.
Captured in 1709.

  • 1696 Capt. James STUDLEY, promoted out of the PEARL frigate and sent to Cadiz in November with the fleet under Vice Adm. NEVILLE. PEMBROKE weathered a storm that separated her from the others and arrived on 11th. December. Almost immediately NEVILLE was ordered to the West Indies and PEMBROKE accompanied him. Capt. STUDLEY died of fever on 28th. May 1697.
  • 1702 Capt. Robert Arris. In 1703 he accompanied Sir Cloudesly SHOVEL to the Mediterranean
  • 1709 Capt. Edward RUMSEY, with the fleet under Sir John NORRIS in the Mediterranean. In December PEMBROKE and FALCON frigate, Capt. CONSTABLE were ordered on a cruise and on the 29th. they fell in with three French ships, one of 70 guns, a second of 60 and a third of 54 guns. After fighting valiantly against these odds until Capt. RUMSEY was killed and 142 of the crew killed or wounded, PEMBROKE was completely disabled and her rigging destroyed, when they were compelled to surrender.

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