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PEARL (42) 4th rate Built in 1726, Deptford DY.
Sold in 1744.

  • There are some contradictions in the following dates from Charnock.
  • 1727 Capt. Sir Hugh MIDDLETON. On 6th. October 1727 he was brought before a court martial and dismissed the service for "misbehaviour and neglect of duty," in ignoring orders received from the board of admiralty.
  • 1727 Capt. Samuel PITMAN, 10th. October. He is said to have died in Antigua 5th. October 1738
  • 1727 Capt. John EDWARDS, 9th. November. To the West Indies where he died on 1st. September 1731.
  • 1731 Capt. LEE, 4 Feb. put in commission for Guinea.
  • 1739 Capt. John RUSSEL, 22nd July. At the end of the year he removed to the OXFORD and was followed by -
  • 1739 Capt. Hon. Edward LEGGE, who only remained in PEARL for a short time.
  • 1740 Capt. Matthew MITCHELL, appointed 30 June. On 18th. September 1740 he sailed from St. Helen's with CENTURION, GLOUCESTER, SEVERN, WAGER, TRYALL, with two merchant ships, ANNA and INDUSTRY. They were to escort convoys to the Bay of Biscay before heading for Brazil on ANSON's expedition to the South Seas.
  • 1740 Capt. Dandy KIDD, who was captain of WAGER storeship When they arrived in Madeira Capt. NORRIS of GLOUCESTER resigned and was replaced by Capt. MITCHELL and Capt. KIDD was promoted to PEARL in his stead. He died at sea on 31st. January 1741 while the squadron was on passage from the island of St. Catherine's to Port St. Julian on the coast of Patagonia.

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