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PEARL (32) 5th rate Built in 1762, Chatham.
Sold for breaking up 1832.

  • 1763 Capt. Charles SAXTON, from MAGNANIME. Plymouth for Newfoundland. On 13 May the captain complained that his master, John BAILLIE, was being superseded against his wishes by the master of the CULLODEN, reducing him from a fifth to sixth rate when he expected to be promoted. He asked that he be continued in PEARL in order to learn the coast of Labrador.
  • Off St. Lawrence to watch the French forces there and monitor the peace treaty. 1764 In January PEARL arrived in Cove from Kinsale and sailed later for Portsmouth.
  • Capt. SAXTON left PEARL in 1766.
  • 1779 Capt George MONTAGU, on 14th. September being on a cruise off the Western Islands, discovered at six in the morning, a large ship in the N. W., which by half past nine he came up with and brought to close action, which continued until half past eleven, when she struck, and proved to be the SANTA AMONICA, a Spanish frigate of 32 guns and 292 men, 38 of whom were killed and 45 wounded. The PEARL had 12 killed and 19 wounded.
  • On the 30th. September, being off Bermuda on his passage to America, he fell in with, and after a close action of two hours, and a running fight of two more, captured the ESPERANCE, a French frigate, loaded by merchants at Cape Francois and bound for Bordeaux. She was armed with 26 12-pounders and 2 6-pounders and manned by 173 men. PEARL lost Lieutenant Foulke of the marines and five seamen killed. Mr DUNBAR, the Master, and nine others wounded. ESPERANCE was taken into the Royal Navy and called the CLINTON.

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