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PANTHER (54) 4th rate Built in 1709, Deptford.
Sold in 1768.

  • 1716 rebuilt at Woolwich.
  • 1738 Portsmouth. Orders to fit PANTHER for Channel service, she went into the Double Dock with BRISTOL on 8th. August and they were undocked on 3rd. October.
  • 1739 Capt. James RYCAUT. Cruising in the Channel.
  • 1740 Capt. Solomon GIDEON,appointed 6th. September, Mediterranean. PANTHER was with the squadron under Commodore William MARTIN sent to Naples in July (see IPSWICH). Capts. de LANGLE and GIDEON were the only two on shore in an official capacity.
  • Capt. GIDEON had a reputation in the navy for his eccentric behaviour, he regarded the PANTHER, a comparatively small vessel, as capable of facing the largest adversary in Spanish navy. Returning to Gibraltar from a cruise he was seen to be drifting towards the Spanish batteries at Algiciras, so Adm. HADDOCK sent the boats of the fleet in the harbour to help tow him off. Capt. GIDEON enquired what they wanted? On being told it was because the enemy batteries would soon have his range, he replied in an unconcerned tone, "Well then, I will cast loose my lower-deck guns and fire at them."
  • PANTHER returned to Spithead on 5th. September and was quarantined on the Mother Bank. After a survey it was proposed that she should be hulked.
  • 1743 Hulk.

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