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PALLAS (36) 5th rate Built in 1757, Deptford.
Unserviceable in 1783.

  • 1762 Capt. CLEMENTS. On the 23rd. July PALLAS was attacked in Cadiz Bay by two large Spanish xebecs, one of 32 guns, and the other of 24. Capt. CLEMENTS would have brought them both off in triumph, had not a ship of the line pushed out to their assistance, which compelled the PALLAS to sheer off.
  • 1774 Capt. William CORNWALLIS. Lieutenants Alexander AGNEW, Gabriel BRAY, Master William PATTERSON. September - fitting out at Portsmouth. Orders on 30 November instructed him to take the WEAZLE sloop under his command and to proceed, via Madeira or Teneriffe, to the River Senegal to give support to the garrison and factories there. PALLAS was then to proceed to the River Gambia, the WEAZLE being detached to the Cape Verde Is. to look for pirates, before rejoining PALLAS. After loading wood and water they were to proceed down the coast of Sierra Leone to Cape Coast Castle. PALLAS was also to report on the new fort being built by the Africa Company at Cape Appolonia and to visit all other British settlements and forts before returning home via Jamaica.
  • PALLAS and WEAZLE sailed from Spithead in the middle of December, reached Teneriffe about two weeks later and Senegal on 28 January 1775, where Governor O'Hara requested, but was refused, that WEAZLE be placed under his command, since he was apprehensive over French activities. CORNWALLIS left him 25 half-barrels of powder. Fort Appolonia and the other forts were visited during March and PALLAS returned to Spithead on 28 August 1775.

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