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NOTTINGHAM (60) 4th rate Built in 1745, Sheerness.
Sunk as breakwater at Sheerness.

    1747 Capt. Robert HARLAND.
  • Extract from a letter from the NOTTINGHAM at sea, lying under a mizzen, bad weather, Feb. 6, 1748.
  • SUNDAY, JAN. 31, 1748, being under command of rear Admiral Hawke, in company with the Kent, Culloden, Anson, Augusta, Centurion, Gloucester, Portland and Tavistock, by break of day we spy'd a sail to leeward. The admiral ordered us and the Portland to chase; after a long chace, the Nottingham came up with her, and fired several guns bring her to, but she paid us no respect. We then run up close alongside, and began a vigourous attack; she then brought to, hoisted a French jack, gave us a broadside, and a brisk firing ensured, which continued two hours hot on both sides, and then the Portland came up. We opened for her to advance and breast the enemy, which she did, exchang'd one broadside, and then to our surprize, and the enemy's encouragement, sheer'd off; we immediately renewed the battle, found her as hot as ever, but it being our good fortune to disable her in her masts and sails, she began to retreat, we followed her so close, she was obliged to rally and fight us a third time. We now having several killed and wounded, our running ropes and standing rigging, almost all cut away, our bottom so shatter'd with the enemy's shot, that the pumps could scarce keep her up, the battle seem'd doubtful, at last the Portland bore down again and engag'd almost an hour, and then fell off, we stood for the Portland, and consulted in what manner we should renew the battle; the enemy observing us in council, and seeing us bear down together, more formidable, more in concert than before, struck just as the day was gone. To our great satisfaction we found our prize to be the Celebrated Magnanime of 74 guns (26 of them brass
  • 700 men, being without dispute the best ship in Europe, and had she not lost all her top-masts in bad weather, we and the Portland could never have taken her. The French declare that this is the last push they had for Pondicherry, The Nottingham was engaged in all 6 hours 15 minutes, had 16 men killed and 18 wounded, and the Portland but four wounded.
  • 1754 Capt. Samuel MARSHALL, appointed in August.
  • 1760 Capt. John HOLWELL, under Adm. RODNEY.

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