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NORFOLK (74) 3rd rate Built in 1757, Deptford DY.
Broken up in 1774.

  • 1760 Capt. Hyde PARKER, sent out to the East Indies. Soon after his arrival Adm. CORNISH took NORFOLK as his flagship so Capt. PARKER moved into the GRAFTON.
  • 1761 Capt. Richard KEMPENFELT, Flag captain to Adm. CORNISH. Capt. KEMPENFELT was sent with the NORFOLK, SEAFORD and SEAHORSE to take possession of the Port of Cavite, which had been included in the same capitulation with Manilla. He was appointed by Sir William Draper, the commander of the land forces, to act as Governor of that place.
  • "As a small acknowledgement of the great services which the whole army has received from Capt Kempenfelt, the admiral's captain, I begged he would act at Cavite with a commission as governor for his majesty, being assured that no one could discharge that trust with more conduct and abilities."
  • He appears to have held the appointment for a very short time, being sent home by the Admiral as the bearer of his dispatches.
  • "Capt. Kempenfelt, by whom I send this, has been of great assistance to me during the course of this enterprise; his great merit makes it my duty to recommend him as a very able and good officer."
  • Capt. KEMPENFELT returned to India afterwards where he resumed command of NORFOLK, on board which ship Adm. CORNISH had his flag in 1763. In 1764 he returned to England, and NORFOLK was put out of commission.

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