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NONSUCH (48) 4th rate Built in 1696, Deptford.
Broken up in 1745.

  • 1703 Capt. Philip BOYS (or BOYCE). Jamaica. He removed to the DUNKIRK's PRIZE in 1706 but in March 1707-08 his conduct while commander of NONSUCH was complained of in an address presented to Queen Anne by the House of Lords relative to the mismanagement of the Navy and he was not employed again after this. He threw himself out of a window on 20th. January 1726 after being prevented from shooting himself.
  • The details of the complaint are as follows:-
  • "In July 1704 the Roundhurst galley, John Sampson, master, arrived in Jamaica, where captain Boys, in the Nonsuch man of war, pressed five of his seamen, whereby he was disabled (though fully loaded) to sail in company of a ship of good force, which then sailed for London, and with great difficulty; and after long delay (with much damage and danger to the ship in the mean time) the master got four seamen more; two of his own five before pressed from him, for which he was forced to give captain Boys a pipe of wine, charged at 25 L, but that the ship proving leaky, by long lying, was lost in her passage home, in the gulph of Florida; which loss in the ship and goods, was computed to amount to 2,500 L to the owner, Mr Coward,besides the losses of several other merchants."
  • 1717 rebuilt at Portsmouth.
  • Hulked from 1740

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