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MONTAGU(E) (52) 3rd rate Built in 1654, Portsmouth.
Broken up in 1749.

  • She was built as LYME and renamed MONTAGU in 1660; she was rebuilt several times.
  • 1711 Capt. George WALTON, he took part in Sir Hovenden WALKER's unfortunate expedition against Quebec.
  • 1716 rebuilt in Portsmouth.
  • 1718 Capt. Thomas BEVERLEY, Mediterranean with Sir George BYNG. Took part in the battle with the Spanish fleet off Cape Passaro on 11th. August when one of the enemy ships struck to MONTAGU.
  • 1740 Capt. William CHAMBERS, she was one of the fleet of ships of war and transports that sailed for the West Indies from St. Helen's on 26th. October under the command of Sir Challoner OGLE. She took part in the expeditions against Carthagena and Cuba and later remained in the West Indies for some years cruising for the protection of trade.
  • Port Royal harbour, Jamaica. May 8, 1744.
  • His majesty's ship Montague arrived the 3rd. instant from her cruise off the Tortuga bank, near the gulph of Florida, and brought in with her a Spanish brigantine, of ten guns, and as many swivels, with twenty-four men, commanded by a lieutenant of a man of war, which served at that time as a tender to admiral de Torres. Capt Chambers, who commanded the Montague, says, that the morning before he took this tender, being the 3rd. April, he fell in with the Spanish squadron, consisting of nine large ships of the line, a frigate of twenty guns, and this brigantine, about five in the morning, in the latitude of 24, bearing W. and by N. ten leagues from the Tortuga bank; that they were about four leagues to windward of him when he first saw them; and his ship being clean, he made sail to windward in chace of them all that day and night, in hopes one or other of them might have fallen to leeward; that the next morning he picked up this tender, in sight of five large ships about four leagues to windward, not one of which attempted to bear down on him.

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