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MONCK (60) 4th rate Built in 1659, Portsmouth DY.
Wrecked in 1720.

  • 1702 Rebuilt at Rotherhithe
  • 1709 Capt. George CAMMOCK. Having intelligence that several of the enemy's privateers were cruising after our shipping, Capt. CAMMOCK set sail on the 28th. April 1712 and the same day took a privateer called the SALAMANDER of 16 guns and 150 men belonging to Havre de Grace. On the 29th. he retook a ship called the Boyle Galley of about 250 tuns, and of a value of 8,000 L belonging to Cork. After this the captain met with the Oxford Galley from Barbados, and two other Galleys which he saw safely into Crookhaven, where he landed ten guns, made two batteries on each side of the harbour, raised the militia, and intrenched each side so that it was impossible for them to be attacked, and then set sail in pursuit of the enemy.
  • In the captain's absence a privateer of 40 guns sent his boat into the harbour with a flag for the vessels there to surrender or ransom, but they firing both from on board and from the batteries on shore, he soon left them. The next day Capt. CAMMOCK got sight of the same privateer, and after a two hour engagement, took her. She is called the the Count Giraldin of St. Malo, 40 guns and 353 men, commanded by Capt. du Pre. The enemy had 30 men killed and 10 wounded, without the loss of one person belonging to her majesty. The value of the ships retaken and saved amounted to some 50,000 L.
  • Capt. CAMMOCK was dismissed the service in 1714 and became a rear admiral in the Spanish Navy, upon the succession of George I. having opposed the claim of the Hanoverians to the throne
  • 1704 Capt. Joseph or Joshua) MOORE, who shot himself on 27th. February 1705
  • 1720 Capt. Hon. George CLINTON. MONCK was one of the ships sent into the Baltic under Sir John NORRIS, which sailed on 16th. April. They were joined on the coast of Sweden by a squadron of Swedish ships at the beginning of May and, on the 24th. of the same month, by seven more under the command of Ad. Wachmeister; on the 26th. it was resolved that the whole fleet should proceed towards the coast at Revel, to discourage any aggressive acts by the Russian Czar. On the return of the fleet to England at the close of the year it was unfortunately overtaken by a severe storm in which MONCK was lost although her crew and the greater part of her stores were saved. Capt. CLINTON was appointed to the NOTTINGHAM

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