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MILFORD (32) 5th rate Built in 1705 ?.
Wrecked in 1720.

  • 1705 Capt. Philip STANHOPE. In July 1706 we find him serving under Sir Stafford FAIRBORNE at the siege of Ostend, and was chosen to bring home the news of its surrender. He was then sent to the Mediterranean where in December he was employed under Capt. CONEY (see ROMNEY) He continued to command MILFORD for the rest of his life. Having been left at Barcelona in August 1708 by Sir John LEAKE, who had sailed for Leghorn, it was decided at a council of war held on board the ELIZABETH, Capt. HUBBARD's ship, at the request of the King of Spain, that MILFORD and YORK would in convoying the transports which had on board a strong body of troops from Catalonia to Minorca. Capt. STANHOPE attended, as a volunteer, the attack by the Spanish forces at Port Mahon, were he fell on the 17th. September N. S. 1708.
  • 1708 Capt. John GOODHALL, appointed on 5th. September.
  • 1720 Capt. Peter CHAMBERLAIN, he was sent to the West Indies where he was lost with all his crew on the 28th. of June 1720, when he was driven ashore on the north west end of the Island of Cuba.

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