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MILFORD (28) 6th rate Built in 1759, Milford Haven.
Sold in 1785.

  • 1762 Capt. Robert MANN, as a cruising frigate. In April he captured the Fidele, a small French privateer from Bayonne, with four carriage and seventeen swivel guns, and 45 men, and in December he recaptured a valuable English vessel called the Loyne, which had been taken by a French privateer while on passage from Cork to Barbados.
  • On 7 March, while in the Bay of Biscay, he chased a sail from ten in the morning until ten at night, when he brought her to close action. Capt. MANN was shot through the right thigh by a 6 pound ball early in the battle and the command devolved on the first lieutenant, Mr DAY, who fought the ship with great bravery until half past eleven, when he received a wound in the forehead from a musket ball, which proved mortal. The second lieutenant, Mr NASH, then took command and forced the enemy to strike at half past two the following morning. She proved to be La Gloire, a letter of marque belonging to Bordeaux and bound for St. Domingo. Although pierced for 20 guns she only had 16 six pounders mounted, with 10 swivels and 94 men. She lost her main and mizzen masts and her rigging, her sails and hull were cut to pieces and she lost 6 men killed and 18 wounded. Capt. MANN died of his wound on the 8th. March and, apart from Lieut. DAY, 2 men were killed and 13 wounded.

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