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MARY ROSE (40) Built in 1654, Woodbridge as MAIDSTONE.
Captured in 1691.

  • 1669 Capt. John KEMPTHORNE, Mediterranean. On 8th. December seven Algerine men of war attacked the convoy that KEMPTHORNE was escorting from Sallee to Tangier. After an action lasting four hours he beat them off without losing any of the merchantmen, but MARY ROSE lost 12 killed and 18 wounded and she had to put into Cadiz to repair the damage she had received. Capt. KEMPTHORNE was knighted the following year.
  • 1674 Capt. Thomas HAMILTON, in February he reported that a violent storm off the North Forland had forced him to cut his cables and sail. He gave position of anchors and said that he was now making for Spithead. Later in the month he was in Plymouth from whence he sailed for Tangiers.
  • 1675 Capt. William COPPON.
  • 1691 Capt. John BOUNTY, West Indies, Capt. BOUNTY was killed in the action with the French on 12 July in which MARY ROSE was captured.

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