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MARY GALLEY (32) 5th rate Built in 1687, Rotherhithe.
Broken up in 1743.

  • 1695 Capt. Christopher MOORE, appointed 28th. June, but unhappily died on 29th. April 1696.
  • 1703 Capt. Henry MORAUNT, appointed 9 April.
  • 1704 Capt. Thomas SCOTT, appointed 2 March and employed on the Mediterranean station.
  • 1706 Capt. John PAUL, 12th. September, he was a member of the court martial which tried Sir Thomas Hardy on board ALBEMARLE on 10 October 1707 for his actions while escorting a convoy in August. (See KENT)
  • 1709 Capt. Ralph SAUNDERSON, October 17th., employed as a cruiser in the Channel until the end of the war.
  • 1711 Capt. Thomas MABBOT, appointed 2 February. Towards the end of the year he was ordered to accompany FALMOUTH, Capt. RIDDLE (or RYDDEL), to the coast of Guinea where, on 11 March 1712, they fell in with two French ships of considerably greater force and Capt. MABBOT was killed in the action.
  • 1712 Capt. RYDDEL promoted Lieut. James RICHARD to replace him the following day. He unfortunately died on 12 July following, not having lived to see his commission confirmed by the Admiralty.
  • Rebuilt at Plymouth in 1727.
  • April 1738 John HANCOCK appointed Boatswain.
  • 23 Nov. 1739 the MARY GALLEY was docked in Plymouth and was undocked on 3 January 1740, sailing for moorings on 25 March. On 4 March orders were received to store her for a voyage to Newfoundland. She sailed from Plymouth with a convoy of merchant ships on 17 May.
  • On 19 Dec. orders to remove ballast from MARY GALLEY at Plymouth and wash her bilges with vinegar.
  • 1741 Capt. Henry HARRISON, ordered to store for four month's Channel service, but in April he removed to ARGYLE with the same orders
  • 1741 Capt. John DURELL,

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