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MAIDSTONE (24) 6th rate Built in 1693, Chatham DY.
Sold in 1714.

  • 1695 Capt. Stephen ELLIOT, Although issued on 14th. January. His commission was back dated to 14th. June 1694 to honour his service to the Crown. In 1694 he was master of a small trading sloop from Jamaica and in June he was taken by a French frigate and carried into Petit Guavas in Hispaniola. Learning that the French were planning an attack on Jamaica, he and two companions managed to escape, seize a canoe and, after a perilous voyage, alerted William Beeston, the governor of Jamaica, to the French intentions. When King William heard of his exploit he ordered ELLIOT be given a gold chain worth 100 guineas and 500 pounds in money, and 50 pounds each to his companions. He also ordered the board of admiralty to give him the immediate rank of captain in the Royal Navy. Capt. ELLIOT did not long remain in command of MAIDSTONE being soon removed to the CHARLES GALLEY.
  • 1695 Capt. Richard CULLIFORD.
  • 1697 Capt. Jonathan KELLING, 3rd. March. He was ordered to the West Indies, where he died on 20th. October 1698.
  • 1699 Bennet ALLEN, 27th. February. He was promoted to LARK after the accession of Queen Anne in 1702.

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