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MAGNAMINE (74) 3rd rate Taken in 1748.
Broken up in 1775.

  • 1748 captured from the French by NOTTINGHAM and PORTLAND on 31st. January.
  • 1755 Capt. Wittewronge TAYLOR, appointed 2nd December. In the following June he was removed into the MARLBOROUGH.
  • 1755 Capt. Hon. Richard HOWE. During 1757 with Sir Edward HAWKE's fleet in the expedition against Rochefort. He was ordered to attack a fort on the Isle of Aix, and his reduction of the place after a hour's cannonade, was the most material success of the expedition.
  • On 26th. December 1759 he returned to Portsmouth with several ships from Sir Edward HAWKE's fleet and Adm. RODNEY's ships from Havre de Grace. He removed to the ESSEX in the following year in order to command various expeditions against the French coast. 1758 Capt. Jervis Henry PORTER took over command during his absence.

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