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LYON (60) 3rd rate Built in 1738, Deptford.
Sold in 1765.

  • 1738 Capt. John HILDESLEY, the Nore in October. When they were at Long Reach earlier, the GEORGE, a homeward bound East Indiaman, damaged the starboard quarter. Mr SHERWYN, the surgeon, had been neglecting his duties and the captain recommended that Mr CRAWFORD, the First Mate, should take his place.
  • 1745 Capt. Piercey BRETT, appointed about the month of April.
  • Admiralty Office July 23rd. 1745.
  • On Tuesday the ninth of this Month, his majesty's Ship the Lion of 58 Guns, being in the Latitude of 47:57 N. and West from the meridian of the Lizard 39 Leagues, Capt. Brett, her Commander, saw two Sail to Leeward, to which he immediately bore down,and by Three in the Afternoon made them to be Two of the Enemy's Ships. By Four o'clock he was within two Miles of them, when they hoisted French Colours and shortened sail; one of them was a Man of War of 64 Guns, and the other a Ship of 16 Guns. At Five the Lion ran alongside the largest Ship, and began to engage within Pistol Shot, and continued in that Situation until Ten during which Time they kept a continual Fire at each other, when the Lion's Rigging being cut to Pieces, her mizzen-Mast, mizzen Top-mast, Main-yard, Fore-top-sail-yard and Main-top-sail-yard shot away, all her lower Masts and Top-masts shot through in many Places, so that she lay muzzled in the Sea, and could do nothing with her Sails. The French Ship sheer'd off, and in less than an Hour was out of Sight, the Lion not being able to follow her. The small Ship in the Beginning of the Engagement made two Attempts to rake the Lion, but was soon beat off by her Stern Chase, and after that lay off at a great Distance. Forty-five of the Lion's Men were killed outright, and 107 wounded, seven of whom died of their Wounds soon after.
  • Captain Brett was wounded and much bruised in the Arm, and the Master had his right Arm shot off in the Beginning of the Engagement. His Lieutenants were all wounded two Hours before the Action was over, but nevertheless would not leave the Deck.
  • The Lion is come into Plymouth to clean and refit for the Sea.
  • It turns out that the ship, the ELIZABETH (56), which Capt. BRETT had engaged was acting as convoy to the the frigate in which the son of the Pretender had embarked for Scotland. The ELIZABETH, quite disabled, got away to Brest with the Captain and 64 men killed and 136 dangerously wounded. She had on board 400,000 sterling, and arms for several thousand men.
  • 1762 Capt. Le CROSS, - one of commodore MANN's squadron blocking up Brest - after a running fight of one hour, captured the ZEPHYR, a French frigate, pierced for 32 guns, but only 26 mounted, and 250 men, nine of whom were killed, and twenty-five wounded; she was bound for Newfoundland with ordnance and military stores. The LION had three men wounded.

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